ComTech is proud to be an Authorized Motorola Radio Dealer and a member of the Certified Service Center Program. We offer a variety of mobile radio services and devices to improve communication efficiency, including Motorola portable radios, mobile radios, dispatch consoles, pagers, mobile computers, repeaters, and wireless data consoles. We supply communication solutions to a number of industries such as construction, education, manufacturing, and healthcare and are particularly sensitive to the needs of first responders in public safety.

Our Motorola Service Department is dedicated to providing customers with quality service and products. As an experienced Motorola Two-Way Dealer, we know that finding the right communication equipment for your needs can be challenging. Give us a call and we will help solve your unique communication dilemmas, whether you are looking for Motorola portable radios or installation. Our service technicians are on-staff and ready to find the right Motorola services for you. We also can help you apply for FCC radio licensing to make sure you meet the mandate requirements.

Reach out to a Comtech sales representative today for more information on our different available services and how we can help your exact business need!

Our services include:

Motorola Two-Way Portable Radio Sales:
ComTech has a trained and experienced sales staff that can assist with any radio needs, from extensive multi-site systems to a single radio application.

Radio Service:
ComTech is an Authorized Motorola Service Station with factory trained and certified Technicians that can service the most complex communication problems. All are equipped with the latest in test equipment and ready for any location or situation.

ComTech performs radio installation on all types of vehicles and equipment from simple pick-ups to drag lines and coal haulers. We also perform Public Safety installation on Police, Fire and Ambulance vehicles with special training in Law Enforcement equipment.

Microwave and Broadband:
ComTech has on its staff personnel with extensive training and experience in licensed microwave and all broadband applications.

ComTech certified tower personnel are ready for tower construction, and service on any radio towers. Our technicians are tower certified with Comtrain tower trainers.

We have equipment and service for all paging systems including wide area and simulcast.

ComTech provides equipment and service for SCADA and other forms of radio telemetry.

Dispatch Centers:
ComTech is a factory authorized dealer for Motorola dispatch consoles as well as Plant/CML, E911 and CAD service and sales partner. ComTech currently has designed and maintains multiple dispatch centers.

FCC Licensing:
A full service in FCC licensing and narrowbanding coordination.

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